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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Angie and Shirley are 2 girls I met while on my Taiwan trip recently. The 3 of us, Thierry and Sharon are supposed to go KTV on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to some error in communications, they thought it's Saturday. They are not able to make it on Sunday. Thierry and Sharon can't make it on Saturday. So only the 3 of us went.

They are so orderly. They took turns to enter 2 songs each so that no 1 person hogs the mic. And when 1 person is singing, the other will not take up the other mic. It's so different to what I am used to. With my other friends, we just 1 shot enter alotta songs. Sometimes, we'll adjust later by inserting. And when someone sings a song that we like, we just picks up the mic and sing along. I wonder if they are pissed with me for singing along to their songs. :P

Anyway, after dinner, we went for dinner and that's the end of the day. Too bad they are camera shy, and I have no pictures to post.

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