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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

James Bond: Casino Royale

I was on course this morning and it ends at 5pm. My friend called and tell me that he has free tickets for James Bond: Casino Royale. I need to go back to office to settle some stuff after the course but I thought there's enough time, so I agreed.

After I reach office and finish the stuff I wanted to do, I was early. So I thought I should go talk to my boss about some issues before I leave. She was on the phone and I waited. Before I realise, I was late. I quickly left and took a cab to the theatre. Cost me $9.70. Grr.

And I missed the opening 5 minutes. Grr Grr.

Anyway, I've heard complains about this James Bond does not look good enough, and I have to agree. But then, the movie as a whole is nice. The opening scenes consists of fight scenes that reminds you of Jackie Chan. There are enough twists to the story to make you feel it's not gonna end. Overall, it's not bad, if not for the wasted $9.70...

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