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Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been sometime since I last went to Wala Wala to listen to the UnXpected perform. As good as I remembered them to be.

Things didn't start well though. I went to watch the Ultimate Comedian recording before that. It was supposed to end at 9pm, but it ended at 9:30pm, and I only reach it at 10pm. And I was hopping that CLJ and Trish will reach there before 9pm and ordered for me booze at 1 for 1. They reached at 9:40pm. Sigh. Felyn was still having dinner with her friends at 9:40pm, and it looks unlikely that she'll come. And Tommy decides that he is in no mood to join us in the last minute. And to make it worse, there's no more seats and we have to stand by the stairs. We placed our drinks on the railing by the stairs and under constant fear of accidentally knocking it over onto guests coming up the stairs.

Things started improving after the UnXpected completes their 1st set at 10:30pm. CLJ found a small area at the counter. Felyn also called to say she is on the way. I was feeling quite hungry then and ordered a pizza and a interesting-looking-mushroom-snack. Awhile after I ordered, the waiter ushered us to a table in front of the stage. I guess it's quite hard to put the pizza on the small counter area. :P

The seafood I ordered is very nice, though there is a slight fishy smell. It's Italian style pizza. I think it's better than Spizza. The mushroom snack can be quite nice if not for the sauce they used is vinegar. I don't like vinegar.

Felyn and her friend came before the 2nd set starts. And it's all happy times till the end of the 3rd set. Really enjoyed the songs they sang. The last song, Angel is very well sung by Shirlyn. And there's even an encore after that. So it ends well. :)

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