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Sunday, October 01, 2006

There is nothing to this, but I found it hilarious when it first happened.

I was having supper with my friends, Shawn and his gf, Ting. Shawn was driving and he drove us there. Unfortunately, I left my bag in the car when I left them. I realised it pretty soon and called Ting to ask her about it. In case they are still nearby and can return it to me.

Me: Hi Ting. Where are you now?
Ting: Home.
Me: Oh. That's bad. I left my bag in the car. Nevermind, I'll get it from Shawn tomorrow.
Ting: Ok

After hanging the phone, I thought I should inform the owner of the car as well.

Me: Where are you?
Shawn: In the car.
Me: I left my bag in your car.
Shawn: I know.

Ting: How come he call both of us?
Shawn: Cos you told him you are home.

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