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Thursday, September 28, 2006

An interesting thing happened last night, while I was walking out of my office. I had to walk past this car park on the way to the exit. As I was nearing the exit, I saw a nice big red Lexus in front of me, to the right, reversing out. The car is moving such that I am looking at the direction of driver, though I am not looking at the driver. Suddenly I notice movement at the driver's seat, and realise that it's a lady driver. I did not recognise her, but she's waving at me. I think she said hi, though I can't be sure as sound doesn't travel too well past the car windows. Anyway, I nod my head in acknowledgement and smiled, and she drove away.

I don't think she's someone I know, else she would have stopped and talk a bit. There isn't anyone near me, so she must have been waving at me. But why is she waving at me?

Maybe she is some star and thought a fan is looking at her. She is just being nice and friendly.

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Blogger Raj Safe Driving School said...

may be she is your old friend whom you forgot?

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7/17/2015 1:50 PM  

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