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Monday, September 04, 2006


This article got nothing to with Slam Dunk. I went to JB this morning. Went KTV in City Square for 3 hours with lunch included. The song collection there is really huge. They had Jiang Meiqi's latest album, which is officially released 3 days ago. And a hosts of singers from Hong Kong and China which you would not find in Singapore's KTV.

After went to watch ... Shit, I forgot the title. Something Beneath Still Water I think. Nevermind, I'll put in the title when my friends correct me. Anyway, we went to watch this movie. It's some devil movie. Storyline wise, there's potential to be something nice, but the shooting and the development of the plot I thought is quite bad. The supposedly female lead is quite pretty, but she actually did not have a lot appearances. I won't recommend it at all. Don't even have to bother getting the VCD.

After that is dinner. After dinner, I went to dye my hair. My hair is very short now, and I thought I will dye it a loud color now and get rid of it 2 weeks later when my hair grows out. Cost me RM$60, which isn't too expensive. The hairstylist told me it will take about 30 minutes, so my friends went shopping. When they come back, it's only 3/4 done. And the color doesn't show at all, so they did it again. In the end, it took 2 hours. It's really red now. :P

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