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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Time flies. There's 5 candles on Samwin's birthday cake for the 4th time now. This year, it falls on the 1st day of the 7th month, which is today. Since it is not a very nice day to celebrate, and it is also a weekday, we had a birthday dinner with on last Saturday. 8 of us went to Marina Bay for dinner. It was really crowded and we have problem getting a table. In the end we found 1 at Chong Pang. I thought Dragon Village is better though.

After dinner, 4 of us went to Lucky Chinatown Kbox for a KTV session until 2:30am.

Then I took off this afternoon to go present shopping for him. We went to the Suntec Carrefore looking for a mini-hifi. After looking around, we found 1 model that's quite good, but it's out of stock. As we have a badminton session later, and it's almost time, Samwin had to go home to get his racket and stuff. Since I already had my badminton stuff with me, I went to the Plaza Singapura Suntec and see if they still have the model. Luckily, they really have it.

I carried the stupid big box all the way to Delta Sports Hall via MRT. It really is an ordeal. By the time I reached the sports hall, my biceps are aching. And for my efforts, I got a free taxi ride home.

Happy Birthday Samwin.

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