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Friday, July 14, 2006

Right after work, I meet Art Beng for dinner. We were supposed to go this pub where, his friend, Andrew, has taken a liking to 1 of the waitress. When we reach the pub, Andrew can't join us yet as he's tied up with work. That waitress, Joyce, is quite a pretty lady, and dun to have her at the table. Art Beng asked her what she thinks of Andrew, and her response isn't very favourable. Before Andrew came, she's table hopping, serving the different guests. When Andrew came, she and another waitress were serving the table in front of us the whole time. Must be a big spender.

After awhile, we went to another pub where Andrew's colleagues were at. It's not as fun nice as the 1st pub. We had a drink and playedd some games, and again Andrew , asked us to go DXO where his other friends were at. DXO is pretty boring, and I became sleepy after awhile, and I went outside to catch a nap. I only woke up when they were leaving. A waste of money, but I did not pay. :P

We went to the prata shop at Outram Park for supper. By the time I reach home, it's already 4am. And I am supposed to meet Whye Es at East Coast Park for blading at 9:30am...

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