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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Breeze(夏日风) was the band everyone loves to hate. That's because they are clearly the lousiest team, and yet they managed to progress quite far, at the expense of many a good team. Well, they had been out a few weeks already.

After them, I feel Bun(馒头) is the lousiest team. They are not half as bad as Summer Breeze, but among the teams that stays, I feel they should be the team to be kicked out. Unfortunately, they managed to stay on, till the semi-finals at least.

The latest casualty is Lost Soldier(迷路兵), or some people called them Iced Milo(Milo 冰). They are quite a good band. The members are cute guys, at least that's what the judges say. They are quite creative in their music as well. Their biggest problem is that their creativity revolves around 1 idea. They can have very good arrangements., but they always sing a song ballad style in the front, and then change to rock style later. I am already sick of this few weeks back, but they were getting good reviews from the judges then. They must have felt over-confident and thus complacent in this formula. The week, that the most accredited judge point this out, and gave them pretty bad marks, they were kicked out. Such is the harshness of the world. 1 moment, they are at the vertex, and the next moment, they are crashing down.

It's the revival round next week. It's going to be interesting. The judges score is the deciding factor in this round. 5 teams are involved. Summer Breeze should be the band that stand the lowest chance of getting through. Both Amber stands an outside chance, but it will be hard for them.

Qinobe used to be the judges' darling, but they had been complained of using the same style too often for a couple of weeks before they were kicked out. Similar to Lost Soldier's complains except that theirs is from more judges and they had a longer time to correct it which they did not. They would really need something special to get back into the competition.

Lost Soldiers should stand a good chance. Some of the judges may feel sorry for them. Or they may be influenced by Xu Huan Liang comments and hope for a change from Lost Soldiers. Will have to see how they cope about this.

Juz-b must stand the most chances. They had always been the judge's darling. Even in the round they were knocked out, they were getting pretty high scores. They will continue to be seen in a good light by the judges.

We shall now wait and see which band can bounce back into the competition.

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