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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Portugal win Iran 2-0 as expected.

Czech lost to Ghana 2-0 and with 1 man sent off. They were harshly awarded a penalty against them. And the defender carried his protest too far and was shown a red card. I wonder why it's a red card. I thought these kind of offence is only a yellow. Anyway, the penalty did not go in, but Czech is already 1-0 down at that time with Ghana having the better game. I had wanted to bet on Ghana. But Czech gave quite a good performance in the previous game. Though they have Kohler injured, it still is risky betting against them. And I don't think Ghana will be easy pushover, so I abstain.

I had a better feeling about Italy beating USA. So I put some money on it. It ended in a 1-1 draw... I did not watch the game, but it seems like a rough game. Italy have a player sent off in the 28th minute, and USA 1 sent off in the 45th minute and 1 more in the 47th minute.

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