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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holland wins Serbia & Montenegro 1-0, Mexico wins Iran 3-1.

Portugal wins Angola 1-0. Some people were upset that Portugal only win by 1-0, but still, a win is a win.

Czech wins USA 3-0, which I think is the biggest scoreline so far.

Italy wins Ghana 2-0, which is sort of a surprise to me. Italy will be the favourite, but Ghana is not a weak team. And Italy are traditional late bloomers. They always perform badly at the start of tournaments.

Australia wins Japan 3-1. This result have broken a number of Asian hearts. I have a few friends who were expecting Japan to win. But I thought Australia is quite a good team. If there is to be a black horse that upsets all the favourites, I would think it's Australia.

Brazil is playing their first game tonight. The whole world will be watching.

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