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Monday, June 12, 2006

2nd day

3rd day

Today is supposed to be sight seeing day, but we could not agree on the places to go. So we sleep more, woke up at 10am for breakfast. By the time we went to the cafe, there's not much items left. All the banana muffins were gone.

[IMAGE: Chinatown]
After breakfast, we went to Chinatown for some shopping. Bought a big load of crackers.

[IMAGE: Lunch]
Then we had late lunch in the same restaurant I went to on my previous Bangkok trip. We had the usual sharks' fin and birds' nests and some dishes. The dishes are quite nicely cooked.

[IMAGE: Big bird]
Big bird
We discovered that the bird's nests there are really fresh. Being made on the spot. And by who? Big bird!!

[IMAGE: Coin Washing Machine]
Coin Washing Machine
Then it's back to the hotel to put down the crackers and off we go to MBK. On the way out, we saw this sign. The Thai people must have hated the metal smell on their fingers.

Ball was showing us his new phone last night. It is very small and cute mp3 phone, and at only only 4000+B, it's very cheap as well. Alex wanted to get a few of those phones back to Singapore to sell, and that's 1 of the reasons we are in MBK.

[IMAGE: Massage parlour]
Massage parlour
I don't have anything I really wanted to buy, and Belle thought the stuffs that are sold there is not really to her liking. So we left Alex in MBK while we go Sukhumvit for some tradditional Thai massage.

[IMAGE: Masseur]
It's 2 experienced lady who serves us. Wonder is it because I came with Belle, that they send these 2. On previous times when I come with Winston, it's always 2 pretty ladies. Either they see we 2 guys, then send pretty ladies, or Winston requested it. Anyway, it's quite a painful though nice experience. I decided to give them 50 baht as tips each. I passed 100B to 1 of them, and I could see her eyes light up, and then I say "Share", and the light gone out.

[IMAGE: McDonald]
We were supposed to meet Ball for dinner at 9pm. The massage took longer than expected. It's supposed to be 2 hours, but they took 2 hours and 15 minutes. And we are late for 15 minutes. On meeting Ball, he asked me if I want to go Ba'an Kam Nam, the nice restarunt he brought us to the last time, or Lek seafood, which is nearby. Lek seafood is the equilvalent of Singapore Kopitiam Chi Cha. It's cheaper of cause, but the food is nice. I chosed Lek. Ball must be glad as this will save him money. :P

The food is as nice as I remember it to be. And we managed to snatch the bill from Ball and paid for it. I wonder if he's thinking, "So we chosed Lek because we want to save our money. :P ".

[IMAGE: Grand Palace]
Grand Palace
We went to the area outside the grand palace for photo taking after dinner. Last night we were talking about going to the local happening disco, RCA, but I guess Ball changes his mind. :P As this is the 60th anniversary of the King's ascension to the throne, the whole area is decorated with lights and arches. Similar to what we do to Orchard Road during christmas. A lot of people were there phototaking.

[IMAGE: Monument]
This is some monument erected to commemorate the 60th year anniversary.

[IMAGE: On the way in]
On the way in On the way in
These pictures are taken on the way to the place while in the car.

[IMAGE: Arch]
This is 1 of the main thing of the decorations. 1 big arch at the entrance of the road. I think there are 6 of them, but I took only 1.

[IMAGE: Arch]
This is the same arch from the back.

[IMAGE: On the street]
On the street On the street
These were taken while walking along the streets.

And that's about it for the day. Our flight is at 11:35am the next day, which means we have to leave the hotel at 9:30am, which means got to wake up early.

Last day

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