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Monday, June 05, 2006


It's been a long time since the last time I stepped into the Science Center. It should be about 20 years quite a long time ago. *gasp! So old now!!*

And it's a big cock up for my journey there. I took bus 157 from my work place. I'm supposed to stop at Jurong Town Hall, which is where the Science Center is, but I am not sure of the exact location. In the end, I stopped at Yu Hua, thinking I am near, but I am actully 30 minutes walk away. So I was late and missed the first 15 minutes. Grr. To make it worse, I forgot where the Science Center exact location! I called a friend, and he tell me directions which I misinterpreted and walked the opposite direction. Lucikly I spotted the signboard for the Science Center and managed to make my way to it.

Poseidon poster

The movie I watched is Poseidon. The first 15 minutes is to intro the characters. I reached the theatre just in time to see the ship capsize. Overall, this movie is quite nice. The omnimax effects makes certain scenes looks more grand, but can be giddy at times. Luckily there's not much fast actions. :P

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