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Sunday, May 21, 2006


After The Big Walk, Sharon, Thierry And went to Samwin's place for another game of mahjong. We played 2 rounds using the 3-6 half rate. The first game I was losing $40+. Given the losing streak I've been having since the New Year, I am not suprised.

During the 2nd round, I was losing money too. Midway through the 2nd round, we had a short break. The 3 of them went toilet, and I put on my lucky shirt. I bought it just before I came. From then on, I keep on winning.

By the time we end the session, I won $25. This is the first time I win Mahjong this year (Chinese lunar calucation). I've won some money in black jack earlier at Big Bird's place. I've also won abit of money last week when we play half a round of mahjong. But I don't take that into account as it's played too short. But it sure is a good start. Hopefully today is the turning point for my lousy bad luck this year.

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