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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last year, during the last game of the season, a Champion's League Cup Final, Liverpool was trailing 3-0 to AC Milan at half time. AC Milan's defense is superb, no 1 can score 3 goals against them, or so we thought.

Luckily for Liverpool, they really managed to 3 goals in the 2nd half, and get the game into extra time, followed by penalty shoot outs.

We won.

This year, the last game of the season for us is the FA cup final, against West Ham, a weaker team on paper. But what's written on paper may not always be accurate during cup finals. If we can beat AC Milan, West Ham can beat us.

This time, we went 2 goals down in the 1st half. The first goal is a stupid mistake. Jamie Carragher accidentally put the ball into his own net. The 2nd goal was supposed is due to Reina not being able to hold on to a tame shot and the ball dropped in front of a West Ham player and he managed to knock it in. It looks like the cup is already West Ham's. But I thought it's possible to score 3 goals against West Ham. If we can pull 1 back before the break, we stand a good chance. And sure enough we did. Peter crouch have his goal disallowed for offside. Looking at the replays, you can that he bends his body forward while looking for the pass. I think he would be onside if he just stands straight. It was a well taken goal. A through pass and a good volley. Too bad it's offside. Thankfully, few minutes later, a similar situation occurs again, and this time, Cisse is not offside. And the score became 2-1 at the 32nd minute.

After the break, there is a sense of apprehension. We are looking for an equalizer. And we got it on the 54th minute. It's a tremendous shot by Captain Steven Gerrard. We are now back in the game. Unfortunately, 10 minutes later, a seemingly cross by Konchesky is actually goal bound. Keeper Reina misjudged it and West Ham is in front again.

West Ham is now defending in numbers. It's getting harder to score against them. And with their pace, their counter attacks are very dangerous. We managed to prevent them from scoring, and in the dieing minutes, in injury time, captain Gerrard again came to the rescue with another superbly taken shot. Extra time.

In extra time, everybody was very tired. Most of them, both Liverpool and West Ham were tired. Their counter attacks were not as dangerous as before, but so are we. 6 of our players got cramp, including Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Momo Sissoko. These 3 are the fittest players in the team. West Ham also has players with cramps. Harewood is the worst hit. He was at the sidelines for a long time. Lucky for his team, the conditions of the Liverpool team is not too good and they are not looking attacking fiercely to make his absence count. West Ham almost scores a winner later in the 2nd half of extra time. The hit the post with fierce shot and the rebound fell to Hyypia, who did not managed to clear it properly, and it fell to Harewood who shoots it wide. Thank god for cramps. And it's the penalty shoot outs.

West Ham has recently been promoted. Their players are not internationals. They had not played in European games. They were short on big match experience, and in pressure cooker environment like a FA Cup final penalty shoot out, it's gong to be very difficult for them. Add to the fact that our keeper Reina is known for saving penalties in Spain before he joined us, you know that we had the advantage. Sure enough, He made 3 saves out of 4 attempts by the West Ham players, and we are now the FA Cup champion!!

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