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Monday, May 08, 2006

Liverpool won Portsmouth 3-1. But that's not enough for them to clinch 3rd place. So it's Champion's league qualifier next year. At least we are seeded, so we get to avoid the big guns first. It's good to see Robbie Fowler hit the net again. But Dudek let in a goal. I worry for him. His career isn't going very well now.

On the other hand, Arsenal is much luckier. They were in a similar position to us, but they are fighting for the 4th place, the last Champion's League slot. Like us, they were behind Spurs by 1 point, but they have a superior goal difference. Anyway, Spurs lost, and they won, so they have the final Champion's League slot. Lucky for them. If they did not get 4th placing, and they lost the Champion's League final, and Thierry Henry left them, I can't imagine what they'll be like next season. So now, at least 1 thing went right for them.

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