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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No, I am not talking about soccer.

Amy Kelong

Jerry and co are organizing a Kelong trip and I have told them that I would go. Basically, I know nothing about this trip before today. I only know I am going with them to Kelong. I don't know who are going or how many are going. I can't even remember how much it will cost me or what time is it going to meet. Only at the last minute did I read the email for the details. :P

We met at 6:45am at the car park of Newton Food Center on last Saturday. There are 32 of us, but 1 drop out at the last minute. I was out singing with the gang until late on previous night. I did not even pack until early morning on Saturday. It's only a 2 day 1 night trip, so there's not much harm even if I forgot anything.

We took the coach to woodlands causeway, picking up some guys at Kranji MRT along the way. The first stop is this Ah Koon fish ball shop. I thought the noodles there is average only, though it's supposed to be some famous shop or so I heard. At first we wanted to have Bak Kut Teh which is a few shops down, but it's so quiet there that we thought it is wiser to go to the more crowded shop.

[IMAGE: Road sign]
Road sign
After breakfast, it's to the jetty. Along the way, I saw a number of such road signs. Can someone tell me what it is for? No honking?

[IMAGE: Jetty]
It's a few hours bus ride from the causeway to the jetty. After that it's a short wait before we can board the jetty.

[IMAGE: Sign at jetty]
Sign at jetty
I saw this sign at the edge of the jetty just before we board the ferry. Mich say it means please wear your life jacket or something like that.

[IMAGE: Leaving the jetty]
Leaving the jetty
This picture is of the scenery next to the jetty. I took this picture just as we were leaving the jetty.

[IMAGE: Ferry ride]
Ferry ride
The ferry ride takes slightly less than an hour.

[IMAGE: Arriving at Amy Kelong]
Arriving at Amy Kelong
The kelong is quite high, and the ship quite small, so we have to climb up a ladder.

[IMAGE: In the kelong]
In the kelong
The kelong is pretty well equipped. Other than the lousy sleeping conditions you see here, they have numerous mahjong table and sets. A few carom tables, 1 pool table, a few TV, and even KTV. There are going to be 120+ pp in the kelong tonight.

[IMAGE: View]
All around us we see only the sea.

[IMAGE: Toilet]
You can see the sea even when looking at the toilet bowl.

[IMAGE: Sign]
No, we don't throw things into the sea. Not unless it's something edible like water melon skins...

[IMAGE: Another kelong]
Another kelong
I heard there's 4 kelongs in the Sibu area. I see only 1 other kelong nearby. The others could be on another side of the island. This 1 looks like better than the 1 we are staying in from far. :P

[IMAGE: Lunch]
Soon after we arrives, it's lunch time. It's a big fish there, but the fish is not caught in the kelong. They bought it from somewhere else.

After lunch, we had a game of mahjong. As usual, I lost.

[IMAGE: Island view]
Island view
We have a scheduled trip to the island at 4pm. We managed to finish our mahjong game right before that.

[IMAGE: Below the kelong]
Below the kelong
As we were in the boat, preparing to go to the island, I realized there's a lot of stilts holding the kelong. A lot of them are broken too. I did not see the water melon skin I threw...

[IMAGE: Island view 2]
Island view 2
Looks nice this island we are going to...

[IMAGE: Twin Beach Resort]
Twin Beach Resort
So this place is called Twin Beach Resort.

[IMAGE: Never ending jetty]
Never ending jetty
There's 1 big problem with this resort. The jetty is very very very long. This picture barely covers half the length of it.

[IMAGE: Resorts]
The resorts of Twin Beach Resorts looks quite nice.

[IMAGE: Beach]
It's a nice beach. We played a few games of beach soccer and volleyball. While playing, we realized that we left 1 guy at the kelong. It turned out that he was sleeping in the other room, so we missed him when we left for the island. Poor chap.

[IMAGE: Jetty]
This picture is taken as we left the island. Looks long right?

[IMAGE: All guys]
All guys
The ferry is late, so all the guys took a picture while waiting.

[IMAGE: All girls]
All girls
The girls took 1 too.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
Another big fish dinner. This fish is not nice. I think it came together with the lunch fish.

After dinner, we had another game of mahjong. We played only 3 winds before the supper barbeque starts. I won money this time, but not enough to cover afternoon loses. I also missed the first half of the Liverpool game. And throughout the game, we were tortured by this guy in the KTV room. We could all hear him sing, and it's not nice.

The barbecue food is quite nice. The guys brought quite a lot of alcohol and we drank ourselves silly. We even invited the kelong staff to join us. We found out that this kelong is owned and run by Singaporeans.

In the morning, it's mahjong again. Again, we played only 3 winds. Again, I lost.

Lunch consists of another big fish. This time, it's quite tasty. And they had duck as well. But there's no water melon. They finished all the water melon the previous night.

[IMAGE: Ferry home]
Ferry home
After lunch, it's time to board the ferry to go home. It's a big ferry, and we can step onto the ferry straight from the kelong and not have to climb.

[IMAGE: Goodbye]
This is 1 of the staff who played games and drank alcohol with us last night.

[IMAGE: Coach]
We switch to a coach at the jetty, and it's really home. I thought it's quite a fun and nice trip. Maybe I'll go back again.

After I got back to Singapore, I met up with Sharon and Thierry to watch Daisy.

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