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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This morning is supposed to be soccer, followed by skating in East Coast Park in the afternoon. Then it's off to the hospital to pay Ah Choon and little Megan a visit.

The soccer session went smoothly enough. My boots are with Thierry and Gerald. Gerald told me he'll be late, so I told Thierry to bring instead. In the end Thierry is later then Gerald. Luckily Gerald brought my boots as well, so I was able to play earlier. Even then, I waited 20 minutes before being able to stay. I was always late for the soccer session. This time I reach there early, but can't play immediately...

After soccer ends, at 12nn, Thierry and I immediately went to East Coast Park. We are supposed to meet the others at 1pm. It started raining just as we reached East Coast Park. And it is raining heavily. So we went to Samwin's place for mahjong instead.

I've mentioned a lot of times that my luck has been bad. There are people who tell me that I should not play since I know I can't win. But I liked mahjong. And the money that I lose, I'll probably spend it elsewhere anyway. For me, playing mahjong is not about the gamble, though the money makes it more exciting. Mahjong is a very intellectual and mind challenging game.

Anyway, it seems that my luck is better this time. I've not won anything in the East Wind for a long time. This time I managed to win once. I managed to win another time in the South Wind. Both are 1 fan self drawn. I almost win a 5 fan, but well, my luck isn't that good I guess. In the end, I am still the biggest loser, but the amount is quite small, though we played quite big, so it's not so bad.

In the end, we were late in meeting Sharon to go visit Ah Choon. All because Thierry did not throw the 2 tong early enough for me to win the 5 fan, and we have to play another game. :P

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Blogger THierry said...

Its an 二万 not 二筒... Then i should say samwin never discard a tile to complete my ka long. So I never throw lor... hehe...

4/25/2006 11:14 AM  
Blogger sotong said...

hahaha.... u all late cos you all no jio me play mahjong... else i win fast fast then can go down liao LOL....

4/25/2006 4:27 PM  

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