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Friday, April 21, 2006


Right after my soccer session with my colleagues, I went home bath, and out I go to Jurong Entertainment Center to watch Firewall with Samwin.

After having read a number of Star Wars Expanded Universe stories recently, featuring old Han Solo (60+ yrs old), watching a movie by 60+ yrs old Harrison Ford movie feels good. Too bad there won't be a 50+ yrs old Mark Hamill movie. :P

Overall, the movie is quite nice. It's about this man who was in charge of Internet Security of a bank. 1 day, his house was broken into and his family was held hostage. He has to help the bad guys rob the bank where he's working in, for the safety of his family. Of course, he refused to follow orders meekly and tried to get out from the controls of the bad guys, but each time, he's thwarted by them.

Of course, in the end, the bad guys lose. There's 1 scene at the end, where he walks up the slope with his family members after escaping from the bad guys. The back drop was a lake with a cottage by the side. That scene is very beautiful. Too bad it's very short.

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