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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Belle's birthday in April too. So we had a celebration somewhere in between our birthday. 15th April, Saturday.

We were having the party in Cat's place in Yishun, and we go to Woodlands for a KTV session before that. We were supposed to meet at Woodlands Central and go to the KTV together, but everyone was late. I was there 1st, followed by Belle. She told me there are 10 people for this session. I thought it's going to be a boring session as more people means longer queue for your song. End up, only 7 people went. 2 joined us very late. 1 did not turned up at all. Of the 7 that turned up from the beginning, only 3 persons are singing. So it's not that bad after all. :P

After the KTV, they bought the sushi and KFC to Cat's place for dinner. After dinner, some of us went to play mahjong while the rest played games in the living room and drinking booze. Those people are scary. They are drinking like there's no tomorrow. I prefer to drink my drink slowly and appreciating it.

Sun is funny. When she heard that her bf is outside drinking a lot of alcohol, she kept asking him to take over her in mahjong. It's obvious that he don't like to play mahjong, but she just wants him there so he won't drink so much. And while he's playing, she keeps telling him his play is wrong. After 1 game, he'll wriggle out and joined the rest in the living room. Later she'll attempt to get him onto the table again. I know she's concerned about him, but I would prefer that my gf let me make my decision on how much I should drink and what game I should play. I sure don't want to be in his position.


There is some taboo in mahjong about players leaving the table during the round of the west wind. But that's the round that Sun's bf joined us for 1 game and left. And that's about the time where some of the guys wanted to leave, so all of us have to leave the table and go sing the song and blow the cake.

I always think it's weird to have 2 persons stand in front of a cake and listen to birthday song singing and blow the cake together. I've done it with a group of people before. It was also weird, but slightly better. Can't really place the feeling, just feel a bit weird.

Anyway, we blow the candles, receives our presents and its back to mahjong. My luck for mahjong had been quite bad since the 1st day of Chinese New Year. This session is no different. I finish the round as the biggest loser. I let Charles took over for the next round and is about to go join the others in the living room but Charles is a novice in mahjong. So I stayed behind to guide him. His hand is always so much better than mine. I don't enjoy such good hands so often, even when in my better times. But sadly, he did not manage to win most of them. He ends up losing a couple of dollars. Could be the adviser is lousy. :P

As we were preparing to sleep, someone got so drank that she puked on the bed. Poor Cat and Belle got to clean up for her. She got puke on her t-shirt as well and they got her to go bath and change to a new set of clothes. She changed to her old set. And they asked her to bath and change again. Again, she wears back her old clothes. They made her bath a 3rd time, and this time made sure she changed to the clean set of clothes.

I am the only person sleeping in the living room. I woke up at 8am and I went home myself. I am supposed to have a soccer session at 8am in Tampines, but I told them I am not going. But I still have a skating session in East Coast Park in the afternoon.

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