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Monday, April 10, 2006

This entry is very late...

Thierry and I went skating shoe shopping with Sharon on 1st April. At first, we went Bukit Timah Shopping Center, but there's nothing much there. Then we went to the Skateline shop in Upper Paya Lebar. Sharon finally found the shoe that she wanted there.

By the time we leave the shop, it's dinner time, and we go to Chomp Chomp for dinner. We ordered a lot of stuff, as usual. :P

Then we walk around Serangoon Garden area and we see this shop.

KTV Studio

It's actually a Karaoake pub. What's so different for them is that they let you record your singing to cassettes. I think it's quite cheap as it will cost you much much more to book a studio. Unfortunately, you can't bring your own minus 1 tape for your background music. Sharon wanted to record 5 songs, but unfortunately, the system is on strike that day.

Read Thierry's account.

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