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Friday, April 07, 2006

After unabashedly putting my borthday wish list in this blog 2 months back, my friends did make an effort to fulfill them. 2 of the items I fulfilled myself in a recent Bangkok trip, so I strike them off the list. Another 1, a good paying and nice job, I have already sort of fulfilled it myself, but it is always nice to get better offers so I did not remove that from the list.

Then last night, on the day of my birthday, my friends, Kiasu(absent), Big Bird, Thierry, Dhanny, FL, Sharon, Sotong and Irene brought me to Werner's Oven to fulfill another item on the wish list. I thought the food there is really quite nice. They also gave me a birthday card, another item on the wish list that I am not striking off yet, so keep them coming. and a haversack, which I wanted but forgot to add to the list. And the ear piece for mobile, which is half a item in the wish list and I have strike that half off. And a pair of slippers, which is not on my list, but still is going to be useful next time i go travelling and skating. Thanks you all. The cheesecake is also very nice. :)

Throughout the day, I received numerous messages, from sms, icq, msn, all wishing me a happy birthday. A lot of these people do not read my blog, and yet they remember about my birthday. Thanks you all. Me touched.

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