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Thursday, March 30, 2006

My IPPT window is closing soon (read: birthday coming), so I booked a test today. My weak stations are chin up and 2.4km run.

I left work early to go Maju camp for the test. Unfortunately, when I alight from the bus, it was raining heavily. I was stuck at the bus stop for quite sometime before the rain let up enough for me to brave thru it.

After I in-processed, I proceed to the training shed waiting for briefing. Saw Arthur and had a chat with him. There's not much pp in the shed, and nobody came to brief us. After awhile, I decide to ask the PTIs about it. Turned out all of them have already taken the static stations. They assigned 1 PTI to specially take my test. I have done a 1 man test before, it's very tiring. When there's a lot of people, you have ample rest between stations while waiting for others to finish. When it's only you, you tend to rest less. I chosed to do chin up 1st. I got only 4 chin ups, as expected. I need 5 to pass. The rest of the timing are normal except that I did much less for my situps this time. only 34. I used to not have any problems getting 40.

I forgo the 2.4km since I already failed the chin up.

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Blogger sotong said...

hmmm, i thought the running is 2.4km........ *shrug*

4/02/2006 4:20 PM  

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