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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Read about the 3rd day.

Group picture at the airport

Going back today. As usual, we went for our breakfast at 10, and eat the same things as the past 2 days.

[IMAGE: Spotty]
Spotty is starting to like it here. He has not been here since 2 years ago when he came with me for 3 months.

We were given permission to check out at 1pm instead of 12pm, but the 1 hour is not going to make much difference for us since our flight is at 8pm. So we decide to check out at 11am instead, and leave our baggage with them while we tour the city for 1 last time. Sharon and Thierry have yet to go for their massage session.

As we are about to set off, Sotong says that she prefers to stay in the room till 1am surfing web, so we went out without her.

[IMAGE: Dunkin Donuts]
Dunkin Donuts
We went to walk around Siam Square area. Most of the shops are not opened yet. We saw this gigantic Dunkin Donut shop there. There are a lot of sitting space and a lot of choices for donuts.

[IMAGE: Interesting restaurant]
Interesting restaurant
We passed by this restaurant that I thought is quite interesting. Looking at the design, I think it should be a Chinese restaurant. They have a ship at the front the shop as the place where the cooks prepare the food.

[IMAGE: Lunch]
Sotong came to join us for lunch. We went to the Wanton mee stall that we did not get to eat the previous day. It was near to their closing time when we reached there. They got not enough wanton for all of us. And the noodles are not as nice as the previous times I've been there. Sharon was telling me there's nothing great with the noodles, which unfortunately, I have to agree. It’s such a disappointment, after making so much effort. Maybe next time will be good again...

After lunch, we went back to MBK. Sotong, again, says that she wants to go back to the hotel, and left. The 3 of us just walk around the place for awhile, getting more snacks to bring back to Singapore, before we too went back to the hotel.

[IMAGE: Hotel]
We had 1 last look at the hotel, and then it's up the taxi heading for the airport.

[IMAGE: Taxi]
This is the taxi that is going to take us to the airport. It's a station wagon, we booked it from the hotel. It costs 100B more than if we flag 1 from the street, but they won't have station wagons on the streets. We are supposed to arrive in Singapore on Tuesday night, and I wanted to buy 4D for 5501 for Wednesday, but I forgot...

[IMAGE: Checking in]
Checking in
We reached the airport early. It's 2 hours before Sharon and Sotong's flight, but Thierry and me took a flight that's 30 minutes later. The check in counter is not even opened yet even though the queue has already formed.

After checking in, we went in to clear the customs. Sharon had wanted to have dinner at Burger King, but there's no Burger King inside the customs. And she grumbles at me for asking them to go in so early. :P

In the end, the girls got some sandwich for dinner. And at the gate to the planes, we found a stall selling nice looking paos and siew mais. But they are nice looking only.

After boarding the plane, I ordered instant noodles for dinner. Thierry wanted to eat the donuts from the 2nd day. It's showing In Her Shoes for the in-flight entertainment, but Thierry slept thru most of it. I also attempted to take some pictures of Bangkok night view from the plane, but it turns out quite bad, so I shall not post it here.

[IMAGE: Landed]
We landed at the budget terminal. I told Thierry that we can take pictures of us and the plane from the outside. As we were about to leave the plane, I couldn't find my passport, and Thierry went first. I found it after awhile. As I came out of the plane, I saw Thierry standing inside the building, but still within photo taking distance, and I thought he'll take a picture of me and the plane, so I deliberately walked at a leisurely place. He did not take the picture. He waited until I reached him, then he brings up his camera to take the plane... And he uses flash. At that distance, the flash is not going to be much use, and the policeman standing in front of us with his back facing us turned around and tells Thierry that photo taking is not allowed. Duh.

Sharon and Sotong were in terminal 2 and they came over. Thierry's brother is here to pick him, and they gave Sotong a ride while Sharon and I took a taxi home. The taxi driver is really talkative in inquisitive. He asked us all kinds of questions about our trips. And he tells us all kinds of things like he has a wife in Singapore and a girlfriend in Bangkok, how he spends his time in Bangkok, etc. Luckily I get to alight 1st, and Sharon is the 1 who got to bear with him more. :P

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