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Monday, March 27, 2006

Read about the 2nd day.

Thierry beat me to writing about this. Damn.

The girls decided to skip breakfast this morning, so Thierry and I went down to have breakfast ourselves. The food is, again, average. I liked the banana muffin though.

[IMAGE: Thick belt]
Thick belt
After breakfast, we went to Pratunam for some shopping. Shadow is working today, so it's only the 4 of us. As Sharon was looking for belts in a shop full of belts, I was looking around and see this belt that is so thick that it's thicker than Thierry's arm. Sharon later tells me that it's normal. I guess I don't keep myself informed about belts that girls used.

Thierry had been looking for flowery shirts since last year but never got any. He found 3 that took to his fancy in Pratunam. For lunch, I wanted to go eat at the road side wanton mee at Sathorn Road. But Sharon saw this new shopping center called Platinum mall. The items there costs are quite expensive. They can get most of the items at a cheaper price in Pratunam market and Chatujak market. Despite that, they can still spend so much time that by the time we get to Sathorn, the wanton mee stall is closed. !@#$%^&*

[IMAGE: Shangri-La]
We were pretty hungry by then. We walked around the area looking for a nice place to eat. WE settled on this restaurant called Shangri-La. Looks pretty high class, but the set lunch is ok. They have a number of set lunch and we ordered a set each. The food is not bad.

[IMAGE: Siam Paragon]
Siam Paragon
After lunch, we went to the new shopping center, Siam Paragon, to have look see.

[IMAGE: Siam Paragon]
Siam Paragon
It's really beautiful.

[IMAGE: Siam Paragon]
Siam Paragon
It's pretty big too. We only walked around in the first floor.

[IMAGE: Siam Paragon]
Siam Paragon
This pic should be proof enough that really went Siam Paragon? :P

[IMAGE: Toilet signs]
Toilet signsToilet signs
After leaving Siam Paragon, we walked over to MBK to get some snacks for bringing back to Singapore. Along the way, at 1 of the new Shopping Centers, Siam Center or something, we saw these toilet signs. I thought it's pretty cool.

I spent all my Thai Baht at MBK getting the snacks and tidbits. Sharon also almost finished hers. So we went to change for more. Sotong bought the most snacks, and she packed them all in 1 big box.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
We carry all our stuffs back to the hotel and had a small break and then it's time to go meet Ball for dinner. There was a bit of jam and we end up 20 minutes late. Yong came as well and Ball brings us to this nice restaurant for dinner. The ambience is quite nice, it's right next to the Chao Praya River. I've been to Good View, another restaurant on another part of Chao Praya River, but I think this Baan Klang Nam is better. The food is also better.

[IMAGE: Back to hotel]
Back to hotel
Ball gave us a ride back to the hotel, and I passed to them a box of Bangawan Solo biscuits. Luckily this time I remember to buy. :P Yong was asking me if it's Bak Kua again. The last time I told them that I brought them some snack (Bak Kua), they got a shock as in Thailand, Bak Kua is eaten as main course. :P

[IMAGE: Shadow]
Since we are flying back to Singapore the next day, we went to Shadow's hotel to say goodbye. She looks quite happy to see us go. :P

Group picture
We stayed a bit, chat a bit, took some pictures, and it's back to the hotel for packing and sleeping.

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