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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Read about the 1st day.

We are going to Chatujak today. Shadow supposed to join us, but she say she is tired and want to sleep more. We set off for Chatujak straight after breakfast.

[IMAGE: Chatujak]
It's a very big market. It's a very long walk. I managed to get a number of shirts, so it isn't that bad. We had a break at a drink stall at abt 1pm. It's when we restart our shopping after the break that things gets exciting.

As we were walking, Sharon noticed that Thierry's waist pouch is opened. On checking, he realized that his wallet is gone!!

[IMAGE: Lost and found]
Lost and found
And off we go to the Lost and Found counter in the Chatujak management office.

[IMAGE: Lost and found]
Lost and found
They took down his particulars and we gave them Shadow's mobile number so that they can inform her if they found it.

[IMAGE: Map]
They even gave us a map for us to find our way to the nearest police station. Thierry has to make a police report so that he can make a claim to his travel insurance. He can claim about 60% of his lost.

[IMAGE: Rims]
Along the way, I noticed a number of shops right outside Chatujak selling car wheel rims, rims of all kinds of brands. Imitations I supposed. I did not know there’s a market for such things.

[IMAGE: Bangsue Police Station]
Bangsue Police Station
The police station is called Bangsue Police Station. They must have handled a lot of lost and found cases from Chatujak. On seeing us, they asked if we are making a police report on lost items in Chatujak. He took awhile to finish the procedures, after which we make our way back to the hotel for a short break.

[IMAGE: My new shirts]
My new shirts
By the way, these are the shirts that I bought.

We went to the World Trade Center to shop around. It is under heavy renovation and has been renamed to World Plaza or something like that. We had a taste of their Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins. Dunkin Donuts have a promotion a promotion where 6 donuts cost 99B. There were only 4 of us, but we got 6 anyway. We can save the extra 2 for later. It ends up going home to Singapore with us.

[IMAGE: BBQ fish]
BBQ fish
The reason for going World Trade Center is because I wanted to eat at the roadside BBQ fish stalls. I've heard that they are good. Shadow is nearby at Pantip Plaza, so I walk over to bring her to the store while the rest ordered.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
There's not much items on the menu. The fish is nice. The others are nice as well.

[IMAGE: Fried insects]
Fried insects
On the way back from Pantip, I bought for them a packet of fried insects.

[IMAGE: Fried insects]
Fried insects
They were all munching happily on it. They say the fried frog is especially nice. I did not eat any of those though.

[IMAGE: Ball]
We wanted to go to Bed Supper club after that, but the driver told us they did not open until 10pm, so we went to the shopping center opposite for more shopping. On the way out, we saw this big ball outside the shopping center and took a picture in front of it. Looks like Shadow doesn't want to be seen taking picture with me...

[IMAGE: Bed Supper Club ticket]
Bed Supper Club ticket
We took a taxi there. On reaching, Shadow realized she's been there recently and she thinks it's a boring place. She decides to go home. The 4 of us continue in.

[IMAGE: Bed Supper Club]
Bed Supper Club
At first it's quite boring. The bed isn't really comfortable. It's more like big sofa. They were playing trance and house music. We played 5-10 for awhile. Then at 12am, they had some tranny do some dance. That sort of liven things up for a bit. But we decide to leave nonetheless. On leaving, we realize the section that was not opened earlier is opened now. Inside, the color is mainly white, unlike grey on the other side. The bed is also more comfortable. We laze there for awhile and took more pictures before leaving.

[IMAGE: Chicken rice]
chicken rice
We went to for supper after that. I brought them to this chicken rice stall in the Pratunam area. It's right opposite Pratunam center. There's a few roadside stalls but we went to the shop. The rice is quite fragrant. The chicken is also quite nice, though not as good as in Singapore.

With our stomachs filled, we proceed back to hotel to turn in for the night.

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