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Saturday, March 25, 2006


We look the wrong plane and ended up in Antarctica. Cold the place is.

Of course that's not true. There is so much cloud out there. An endless stretch of white.

[IMAGE: In-flight entertainment]
In-flight entertainment
The in flight entertainment for this trip is showing 雀圣 2 之自模天后。I wanted to watch King Kong or In Her Shoes, but Thierry wanted that instead. It's only 1 hr and 37 minutes.

[IMAGE: Landing view]
Landing view
We did not manage to finish it before we land. So I have it paused until we can watch it again after we landed.

[IMAGE: Waiting for Sharon and Sotong]
Waiting for Sharon and Sotong
Sharon and Sotong is taken another flight here. Theirs is 1 hour after us, so Thierry and I have to find some place to wait for them, and to finish watching 雀圣 2. We went to the only cafe/restaurant we can find. A bowl of noodle cost 50 baht and a can of root beer cost 30 baht. Expensive stuff, I'll say.

[IMAGE: Banners]
There are a lot of people holding pieces of paper with names written on them to receive their guests, so we decided to join in the fun. I was using a pen to draw Sharon's name when someone offered me his marker. I declined as I was finishing anyway. But I borrowed his marker anyway when I started to draw Sotong. He even lends me his stack of papers for me to use as base for me to draw on my flimsy paper. Nice guy he is.

[IMAGE: Still waiting]
Still waiting
There are quite a lot of flights to Bangkok at this time and there's a very long queue at the customs. Thierry and I waited very long for them to appear. And when they did, they missed our signs totally and just walked past us looking the other way. Grr.

[IMAGE: Taxi Van]
Taxi Van
We booked a van from the airport limo inside the airport for 800 baht. It will only cost us 300 baht if we took the taxi from outside, but it's a long queue. And the van is bigger.

[IMAGE: Hotel]
We stayed at the Bangkok City Suite. It's a 3 star hotel. It's quite clean. It's quite cheap. Cost us only 700B a night for 2 persons. We booked thru the internet, but we only pay on check in. Though there are no shopping places within walking distance, it's very near to most major shopping places by taxi. And most importantly, they have free wireless broadband. I think I'll go back to this hotel the next time.

[IMAGE: Streets of Bangkok]
Streets of Bangkok
Shadow come meet us at the hotel and we walked to MBK to exchange some Thai currencies. Sharon and sotong did not have any Thai currency with them.

[IMAGE: Lunch]
It's a really long walk and we got hungry halfway. We ate at a restaurant next to Asia Hotel. I think I ate there before in my 1st trip to Bangkok, I think 4 years ago. Maybe 5.

[IMAGE: Electronic sign board]
Electronic sign board
On nearing MBK, I see that they have this Electronic LED signboard at the cross junctions. Can't really tell what it's for, probably to inform the drivers about the traffic conditions.

[IMAGE: Chinatown]
After MBK, we went Chinatown. It's pretty late by the time we reach there and most shops are closing.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
Dinner is at this shark fins cum birds' nest restaurant. We happened to walk by and it looks nicer and more crowded than the other shops.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
It's not really dinner. We shared 2 small servings of shark fins and had a bowl of bird's nest each.

[IMAGE: Bird's nest]
Bird's nest
The bird's nest come with either gingko nuts or longan. They are very very sweet. I taste of them, and our bird's nest taste bland. Luckily they gave us some tea. 1 sip of the tea and the bird's nest taste nice again. :)

[IMAGE: Flower market]
Flower market
Shadow wanted to buy some flowers and we go to the flower market. There really are all kinds of flowers there.

[IMAGE: Big rose]
Big rose
I thought this rose is real big, though the picture can't really show. It's as big as Sharon's hand.

[IMAGE: Outside Shadow's hotel room]
Outside Shadow's hotel room
We went to Shadow's hotel for a rest after leaving flower market. She made Thierry and me stay outside the room while she goes in with the girls to pack up. Must be bras and underwear lying around. :P And she should have taken her flowers in first. Standing outside her room with 1 big bunch of flowers I did not buy seems abit weird.

[IMAGE: Beaver]
Saw this beaver at Shadow’s room. Cute right?

[IMAGE: Beaver and me]
 Beaver and me
It’s even watching with me.

[IMAGE: Shadow’s TV]
 Shadow’s TV
Liverpool vs. Everton game was showing on TV. I stayed with Thierry to finish the game while the girls left for Suan Loom night bazaar for some shopping. Liverpool was 1 man down due to Steven Gerrard getting a red card early in the game. But they won the game 3-1!! :))))

After the game, we joined the girls at Suan Loom. We wanted to go Tawandeng for the real dinner. However, none of the drivers seems to know the location of this German brewery. And when we finally found 1 who knows, he told us it's closed for the night. So we settled on eating at the food stalls in Suan Loom. They have this yummy looking Italian pizza stall and we ordered that. It only looks yummy. The rest of the food we ordered is also mediocre. I wish we were at Tawandeng instead. Later Ball told me that Tawandeng do not close so early, we've been had by the driver. He probably wanted to bring us somewhere else.

Finally I get to the end of the day. I seem to have written this entry forever. We went back to hotel after this and that's it. Hopefully tomorrow's entry won't be so long...

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