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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It's Bloggers' Night every Tuesday in Pitstop. $6 for the night with unlimited drinks and gaming hours. Normally on Tuesday nights, I'll be playing badminton, but I have not been able to book the courts for tonight, so off to Pitstop we go.

We had the mee sua opposite Pitstop for dinner. Again. I told them I'll be there at about 7:30pm. They went to the coffee shop first and I reach there slightly after 7pm. They were saying I am punctual this time. I had known that I'll reach the place at about this time, but the traffic condition can make the timing unpredictable at times, so I told them a later time. And for that, I am being praised for being early. I guess it's all about expectations. Anyway, Pee Kay joined us for dinner.

[IMAGE: Bloggers’ wall]
Bloggers’ wall
We are supposed to print out an interesting entry of our blog and paste it on their bloggers’ wall to enjoy the Bloggers’ package. Only Thierry and Sotong did it. And theirs are the only 2 entries on the wall now. :P

We played a few games tonight. the first is Poison, it's a card game that is similar to Hearts. I scored the 2nd highest. The highest score is the loser.

The 2nd game is Snorta. Everybody will have a representing animal and we took turns to flip our cards. Whenever we flip a card that shows the same animal with another person, both of us will have to make the sound of the other person's animal. The one that did it later will have to take all the opened cards of the other person. Thierry won this game.

The 3rd game is Ticket To Ride. The objective of the game is to build railway tracks across America. Thierry lost, and I am second last. I think it's quite a nice game, I would like to play it again if possible, but the rest don't like to repeat games...

After Ticket to Ride, we were just too tired to think anymore, and we just laze there for awhile before leaving for home.

Read Thierry's account.

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Blogger sotong said...

hmmmm, no leh, i dun mind repeat games one, esp when they're fun.......... but you're right ba that some of them dun like repeat games...

4/14/2006 11:41 AM  

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