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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I went for my 1st gym session finally after having signed up for it 1 week ago. I am starting to regret it. Doesn't seem to be able to find time to visit it more often. If only my office is in the gym area...

Anyway, I have a trainer bring me around introducing to me the various exercises. He only shows me the exercises for abs, arms and chest as I told him those are the areas I want to build on.

There's this time when I am doing in a machine for my abs, lying down right in front of me is a fat lady with big breasts. From my angle, can't really see the rest of her body except for the big breasts. :P

Anyway, after bringing me around for awhile, he brings another trainer to come talk to me. He's supposedly his senior. They tell me about this 12 and 14 exercise program and ask me which 1 I prefer. They never ask me if I wanted to sign up a program with them. They just ask me which program I prefer. So I tell them I don't want to sign up as I have budget constraints. Then they tell me about a 6 session program. Again I decline. Then they tell me about this machine they have that is very accurate in finding out the fats composition and some other muscle information. To take the test, it cost $21 each time. They wanted me to pay for 4 times 1st and then take the test when I want. I don't understand why I would want to do that when I can pay them when I want to take the test. They just want my money.

Going to this gym feels like going for some time sharing exhibition. They just do all kinds of things to entice you to part with your money. Fortunately, this time, I resisted.

After that, I went to do some treadmill on my own. They have TVs on the wall in front of the treadmills. Under each TV, there's a sign that says the FM frequency for the sound of each TV. I thought it's quite cool. I can tune in to the channel and watch TV while I jog. Unfortunately, the channel for the TV I wanted to watch doesn't work.

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