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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


After my Pepper Lunch dinner, I went to the gelatin shop. It's near to the Hagaan Daz booth near the basement fountain in Taka. 1 scoop is $2.80, 2 is $3.90, 3 is $4.80. But they have giving the 3rd scoop free as promotion. so 3 scoops for only $3.90.

I chosed Belgian Chocolate, Tiramisu and Rum and Raisin. Belgian Chocolate is very rich, Tiramisu is average and the Rum and Raisin is quite nice. Alex ordered Green Tea, Italian Coffee and Butterscotch. I did not try Green Tea, but I don't like Italian Coffee. Butterscotch didn't taste too good either.

Bel ordered Belgian Chocolate, Straberry and the last flavour I forgot. Belgian Chocolate I have, Strawberry is a bit sour. Not sweet enough I feel.

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