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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I went to Pepper Lunch for dinner just now. I find it quite nice. 1 complain though. They have 1 usher to tell you where to sit. Bel and I reach the restaurant 1st, and Alex is coming later. The usher on seeing that there are only 2 of us, insists that we sit on the 2 person table until the 3rd person arrived.


And to make it worse, the food arrives right before Alex arrive. This means that once the food reached my table, they move it to another table. Normally this is alright, except that the added time that it took for settle down means my beef is overcooked as it's a hot plate.


At about $2 more, you get to chose either a drink or a bowl of soup. They have corn soup and miso soup. I chose miso soup. It's quite nice too. Even got the tau pok.

Alex say he don't like the place though. That's because he don't eat beef and salmon and there's only 1 chicken item there. And he did not cook it properly and the chicken is pretty uncooked. Keep complaining that at $14, he expects his food to be cooked and he don't have to cook it himself.

Anyway, I think it's a nice place I will want to go there again.

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Anonymous muffy said...

pepper lunch is not bad, just smells bad after coming outta the place ..LOL


5/05/2008 12:03 AM  

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