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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code poster

We went to Empress Cinema at Clementi to watch The Da Vinci Code. I thought it's quite a nice story. I did not quite grasp some of the parts, so I would recommend that you read the book before watching the movie. Some people will say reading the book before watching the movie will spoil the movie as you know what gonna happen. I thought that if you know the story before going to watch will enable you to spend more efforts on appreciating the movie than trying to figure out all the details.

Empress is a old style cinema. They are still using paper charts for you to chose your seats. They are using hand written tickets. And best of all, they cost only $6 per ticket. The bad thing is that the air-con may not be strong enough for some people. I thought it's ok. The seats are also quite old, so it may not be very comfortable. Some of the cusions may even be torn. Thierry has some pictures of the tickets and the seat chosing charts. You can read his account here.

I shldn't review the movie this time, I don't know enough about this movie to write a proper review, but I think it's nice.

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