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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Walk Certificate

It's the annual Big Walk organized by The New Paper today. I signed up for it, together with Sharon, FL, PS, Eric, Es-Am, Irene, Colin, Harry, EL-Dub-Ewe, Bee See, Wai-Es, Bee-Ax and Thierry. It starts at 7:30am, we are supposed to meet at Kallang MRT station at 7:15am, and I am supposed to meet Sharon at 6:40am at Bouna Vista Station. Very early to wake up for a weekend. :P

Before the walk

Of course, we did not get to meet at 7:15am due to certain people being late. This time, it's not me. And we are late for the kick off. It's a distance to walk from Kallang MRT to the stadium...

As we were walking to the stadium, we passed by the route of the Big Walk and decided to just join in from there, instead of the starting point. It's not a competition anyway. We thought the distance we missed should be about 1km, about the distance we walked from Kallang MRT. But after a short while, we find ourselves at the 3km mark...

[IMAGE: Walking]
Can you see the number 1 building?

[IMAGE: Clown]
As we were nearing Suntec, we saw this clown across the road.

[IMAGE: At the traffic light]
At the traffic light
As we walk to the cross road junction at Suntec City, we realize that we have to stop to wait for the vehicles going in an adjacent directions. There are Cisco officers directing the traffic. When it's our turn to cross, we were the last few to cross. After Walking for awhile, I look back to see a huge crowd crossing the road.

Group picture

There are a lot of official photographers along the route. Just as we were nearing the turning point, I see 1 of them trying to take a picture of the Merlion from the road. I thought it's weird as from his angle, it looks to be blocked. And as I look at the photographer, I realize that I know him. Haha! In fact, the whole bunch of us knows him. We get him to take a group picture of us. :)

[IMAGE: Falun Gong]
Falun Gong
On our way back to the National Stadium, we saw a big bunch of Falun Gong members participating in the walk as well. In the middle of their procession is a bunch of ladies dressed in costumes beating drums in synchronize.

We managed to complete the walk with no casualties, collect our kit bags, and off we go to Yan Court in Hong Lim Area for our lunch. We split into 3 groups as 3 of us drove. I went with Wai-Es, which is not a very clever choice. His car is parked the furthest. :P

[IMAGE: McDonald's]
We walked by this McDonald's behind Kallang MRT station. They must have experienced a big crowd for every big walk. They rented quite a number of extra tables and chairs for this morning.

We had a sumptious lunch at Yan Court. The food is yummy, but there goes our efforts in the morning. :P

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