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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I just received a phone call from my credit card company. The 1 that is 8 alphabets and start with C and ends with K. Fortunately, they are not chasing me for money. It's another attempt to sell some insurance policy. I have received numerous from them.

Anyway, this girl called, with the usual "Hi Mr Tai, I am calling from C******K, is it convenient to talk?"

As usual, I replied with, "What about?"

And the girl promptly goes into her sales talk. She just keep going and going for about 5 minutes non-stop explaining her product. 5 minutes seems like a short time, but imagine listening to someone talk non stop for 5 minutes on the phone. Then imagine you are the 1 talking.

Seems like a boring job. Everyday got to go into this long speech to strangers on the phone and then at the end, the fella say "No, I am not interested". I wonder how many times she say this in 1 day.

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