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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Xia Ri Feng (literal translation: Summer Breeze) is the weakest group among the contestants. They always get the lowest points, and yet they are always through to the next round. They must have a lot of supporters. They were criticised by the judges for their lousy vocals, lousy dance moves, can sing/dance to rhythm, etc. They aren't particularly good looking either. And when the other bands are improving with every round, they seem to remain stagnant. Basically, I thought everybody don't like them.

There's 1 episode where they got 19 points from the judges. There were 4 judges with a maximum of 10 points from each. So 19 points is considered "fail". When their judges' score is annouced, the audience cheered. I was not there, this is what my sister's friend, who is there, told her.

I was always puzzled by their popularity. Everyweek, a seemingly better band will be knocked out and they stayed on. Where do their popularity comes from? I was inclined to believe that they cast the votes themselves. Then 1 day, a friend told me that they belonged to City Harvest Church. I don't know if her information is correct, but it makes sense. City Harvest Church is where Ho Yeow Sun came from. Rumour has it that most of the church members bought at least 1 album to support her. Some of the richer members even bought multiply copies though they did not listen to it at all. I don't know how accurate this is, but if it's true, then it makes sense that XRF survies so long. If every member of the church makes 1 call, I think it's substantial enough to push them through every rounds. And with some members making multiple calls, they just might be able to become the champion. It's my guess only. I got no idea of the size of City Harvest's membership, except that it's huge. I also have no idea at all of how much votes you need to win.

They got 18 points last night. Fail again. But I thought they don't deserve such low points this time. In fact, I thought it's 1 of their better performances. Xu Huanliang agreed with me. But 2 of the judges gave them an astonishingly low point of 3 and 3.5. Sad.

Anyway, XRF was knocked out. Either City Harvest's membership their fan base is not huge enough or they lost interest in supporting them...

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