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Monday, June 05, 2006

I've been following the Superband competition. I realize that the teams that get more points from the judges are those with good stage presence. Therefore, rock bands will have an advantage as this genre of music is more high.

There are a number of rock bands, and the best of them is Qinobe. They had been getting very high scores consistently. Another good band is Lucify, though they were knocked out at 1 time only to come back in the revival round. Soul is not a rock band. But they have very impressive dance moves and they had been getting high scores too. Juz-B is an A Cappella kind of band. They were impressive in their renditions of the songs and they got high points too.

Mi Lu Bing (Literal translation: Lost Soldiers) is another good rock band. They are quite unique. They have a very rock kind of lead singer, but the drummer can sing ballads quite well. In the earlier rounds, they were singing rock songs. Then they moved to singing ballads rock style. Then they started to combine the 2 style. The drummer will start with sentimental style of singing, and finished off by the rock style singer. They started scoring high when they starting singing ballads in rock style.

J3 is not a rock band. They comprises of 3 members. 1 of them will play the keyboard, another 1 will play the guitar. The 3rd is their lead singer. They had been singing sentimental ballads mostly. The judges always say that they are the band with the best vocals. They had been getting good scores consistently, but never great scores. I guess you can't create a very high atmosphere from sentimental ballads.

In this round, I saw something that I thought is unfair. J3, as usual, sings their ballad in their clear nice voice. They added some gimmicks which I think is quite good. They were praised by the judges and get quite a high point, but you know it won't be in contention for the highest scored band. Mi Lu Bing, to everone's surprise, did not sing their song in rock style. Instead, the drummer became the lead singer and was playing a string guitar instead of drums. Their keyboardist became the A Cappella drummer. They scored very high points for this. Now I am wondering. Their performance is similar in style to J3. I don't think they performed better. And yet, they scored much better. I am not saying the judges are biased, but that the judges gave them more points just because they tried something different from their usual style. I feel grading this way is not being objective...

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