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Sunday, June 11, 2006

First day

3rd day

I was the first to wake up this morning. We went to the lounge area for our breakfast. It's as bad as the last time that I was here, but they still have the nice banana muffic. :P

SandwichThey have this sandwich, I think it's tuna. It looks quite ok, but some people liked the bread to be toasted, which it isn't.
Oven ToasterSo I think that's at least 1 of the reasons they have the oven toaster there. For people to toast the small tuna sandwich, and the other buns.
Bread ToasterAnd please do not use the bread toaster to toast the small sandwich. First, the sandwich is so small and light that it will fly out when the toaster tried to push up the bread. Second, since it's so small, you may have a problem taking them out.
The culpritI tried to take a picture of the idiot culprit discretely, but I couldn't really get a good shot...

[IMAGE: Sugar and creamer]
Sugar and creamer
I also find their sugar and creamer a bit funny.

After breakfast, we went to Jatujak. This time, I am the non-shopper. I did not get much things. Just to bring them there and act as sort of a in between. When Belle is looking at something and Alex walks too far ahead, I have to make sure Belle knows where we are, and vice versa.

[IMAGE: Iced coffee]
Iced coffee
We stopped at this stall for a break. Alex and Belle got themselves some Iced Coffee. Business must have not been good. First, they increase the price to cover their expenses. Second, they have to save on the cupboard for their price board.

[IMAGE: 10 bath]
10 bath
This is another interesting sign. I did not know they have bathing services in Jatujak. I wonder why they limit to only 10...

[IMAGE: Gelare]
We planned to go Central Ladprao at about 2:30pm. But in the end, we stayed at Jatujak until 3:40pm. And I gave the wrong location to the taxi driver. I told him Central Chitlom, which is quite far from Jatujak, but nearer to our hotel. They have this gelare ice cream shop at the basement. We ordered a cup each. They charge according to the size of the cup, and not the number of scoops. So you won't pay more for 3 scoops of ice cream on the same size cup as a 1 scoop ice cream. I chosed Hazzlenut, Rum and Raisin and Coffee. All are quite nice. Hazzlenut is really nutty. Unfortunately for Coffee, after I tasted the other 2 flavours, which are quite sweet, Coffee loses it's sweet taste. Which left bitterness...

[IMAGE: Nestle fitnesse]
Nestle fitnesse
We saw this selling at the supermarket. I've inspected the outside of the box. They look exactly the same, except for 1 difference, and it's shown here in the picture. I wonder what's the difference inside.

Ball and me
We went back to hotel at about 6pm to put down our stuff and leave for Suan Loom night bazaar at 8pm. My Thailand friend, Ball, will be meeting us there. Again, I felt I don't have anything to buy, and I wanted to watch England vs Paraguay, so I went with Ball to the food court, where there's a big TV to watch the game.

Alex and Belle finished shopping right after the game is finished and we go together to Tawandeng. Finally, I am able to go there. It's still as nice as before. Alex were quite scepticle of the place as I told him it's a German pub, which is true. But I also told him they sell nice local food. I guess he does not believe the 2nd part of our conversation. Anyway, he was pleasantly surprised and he say that he will come back to this place the next time he come back to Bangkok. Another satisfied customer. :)

3rd day

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