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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bangkok 2006

My 2nd Bangkok trip this year. How I love this place. Haha. I had wanted to meet up with Shadow, but with this weekend being a long week end because of King Bhumibol's ascension to the throne 60th anniversary, she's going to Koh Samui for a holiday. Too bad then.

[IMAGE: McDonald's]
Free drink
At the Changi Airport, after clearing the Singapore Customs, I bring the others to Macdonald's for a free drink.

I took a Jetstar flight this time. I've long heard about their cramp seats, and now I can confirm it. The space is really small. And worse, Alex say he likes the back row and he got us back row seats. The problem about back row seats is that they cannot recline at all. Not that the other seats can recline much, it should be better than nothing.

Tom Yam Kung Pineapple rice and Vegetables Black Pepper Crab

I had wanted to go Tawandeng after we had settle down at the hotel. However, we were told there are some closure of roads and that area is sure to be jammed. So we went to a seafood restaurant recommended by the hotel people. The food is not bad, but it's very expensive. 3 of us spent B$4337 total.

After dinner, we went to Patpong. Those 2 people don't really shop. We walked through the place in 20 minutes, and it's back to the hotel.

2nd day

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