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Sunday, June 11, 2006

England manages to win Paraguay 1-0, thanks to an own goal. They didn't look like they are going to score a 2nd, and Paraguay is looking dangerous in their attacks. Luckily, the defence managed to hold out. Speaking of defence, once again, the England coach sticks with his favourites. Jamie Carragher, who had such a good season, and had performed admirably in the warm ups, in 3 positions, did not play. But well, it's expected, I guess.

Trinidad and Tobago manages to draw with Sweden, despite having 1 man sent off. Sweden looked the more dangerous side and it became worrying when Avery John sent off 1 minute into the 2nd half. Fortunately, Dwight Yorke and his men manages to hang on to a draw. Shala Hislop, whom my friend say is not a big game player, and hence Liverpool is able to win the FA Cup final against West Ham. But he put in a very good performance to keep the Swedes at bay.

Argentina manages to win their opening game 2-1 as well. With former captain and legend Diego Maradona were cheering them on in the grandstand, the South American soccer powerhouse handed a defeat to the debuttans. They looked to be cruising to a victory thanks to 2 early goals, but Chelsea's Drogba gave them a scare when he score 1 in the 82 minute. But hang on they did, and 3 points to Argentina.

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