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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

3rd day

Last day

Belle had her alarm set too early. Thai time is 1 hour before Singapore. That means if it's 7am in Singapore, it's 6am in Thailand. So, if you want to wake up at 8am Bangkok time, and your watch is still in Singapore time, you should set it to 9am. Belle set it to 7am. So I woke up at 6am Bangkok time. 2 hours ahead. I washed up, and it's still very early. The 2 of them managed to sleep thru the alarm and the snoozes. I surf a bit of web and fell asleep.

I woke up agian at 9am Bangkok time. the others are not up yet. I hurriedly wake them up, finish packing all my stuff and hurriedly go downstair for breakfast. By the time we were ready to leave, it's already 10am. Luckily there's not much jam on the way to the airport.

[IMAGE: Makkasan Seafood]
Makkasan Seafood
I found this brochure in the taxi. This is the place where I had dinner on the First day, the one that cost the 3 of us a whooping 4334B. The address is there, you can go try if you want. The food is quite nice actually, though at 4334B, i think it's way too expensive.

[IMAGE: The airport]
The airport
They have a very wide road to the airport and another toll way running on top of it. It's a Monday morning, and it's holiday today and tomorrow, so i guess not that many people are going to the airport, and the traffic is very good. But on reaching the airport, the road leading to the entrance is a 2-lane road. We were stuck there for a bit of time. It's a bit stupid that they have so many lanes going to the airport only to have a bottle neck in the 2-lane road.

[IMAGE: Pimporn Travel]
Pimporn Travel
I saw this travel agency right opposite the airport. With the words "Pimp" and "Porn" in the name, I can't help but imagine that it's for sex trips...

Anyway, we are still early when we reached the check-in counters. After we cleared the customs, we were shopping in the duty free shops. I know they sells nice mango with sweet glutinous rice desserts, but when I approached them, they told me they only started selling at 12. And my flight is at 11:35. Too bad.

When we board the plane, we found that the seat is arranged further from 1 another. We were puzzled about it as Jetstar's planes seat arrangement are not like that. Then we realized it's a Valuair plane. Add to it that Belle and my seat are at the emergency exit door, which has a even greater leg space. But the seats there cannot be reclined, and it's a pretty uncomfortable journey. Alex was assigned to a seat behind us. His seat can be reclined.

There seems to be some problem in Singapore. Right after we landed, we have to go through security checks on our hand lugguage. The security check counters were not there before. After we collected our check-in lugguage, we have to go through 1 more security check for them. Wonder what trigger the enhanced security.

Anyway, before we came to the lugguage belt, we were in the liquor duty free shop. Alex wanted to get a few bottles of vodka, and I gave him my quota. I had wanted to get a bottle Chivas as it come with a nice haversack, but it's only for the 18 year Chivas, which cost about $150. The 12 year Chivas cost only $40. So Alex can get more vodka.

There's this nice lady doing promotion for 2 new flavours of Bailey's. She was offering samples for it. I don't really have an intention of buying the Bailey's as I've given Alex my quota. But I want to try out the new flavours. They were quite nice. The lady is quite friendly and helpful. She even help Alex look for the Muddy Murphy that I wanted. But well, Alex had my quota for alcohol. :P

Belle and I had wanted to go to the staff canteen at T2 for lunch. But Alex is lazy to take the sky train, and he suggested Burger King instead. We could have insisted on going ot T2, and I think Alex will follow. But the canteen is some distance from the sky train. I think I will get a lot of Alex's complains if I insists on going there. Hence, I settled on Burger King.

And that about sums up this Bangkok trip. I've been there 2 times this year. I think that's about enough....

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Anonymous pimporntravel said...

Dear Sir

Pimporn is a name of Thai people not sex. you r understand?
please understand for thai word. Ok La?

2/07/2008 12:35 AM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

Oops. I do not mean to insult. But words like that do lead to easy misunderstanding for people who know English and not Thai.

Anyway, my statement was made in jest. Not to mean that I really think the place is for sex tours.

2/07/2008 12:43 AM  

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