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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I went Chijmes to watch the Spain win Ukraine 4-0. I would have preferred Father Flannagan as they have a better atmosphere for watching soccer. But for some reason, Eric say he don't like it and chose the restaurant next to it. The restaurant is quite spacious, I think it's missing the feel. And the food is expensive. Last night's game is the first game that I betted, and the money I won just about cover my expenses that night.

Back to the game. It's a good game to watch. Rudy placed a bet on the game finishing goalless and another bet on it being a 1-1 draw. Spain being the perpetual underperforming giant must be the main reason he placed such bets. His dreams were smashed by the 17th minute. Haha! Spain dominated the game. Not even the presense of Sheva help Ukraine. The heat may have played a part in it. The Spaniards must have been more used to the heat than the Ukraines. And the last goal by Torres is simply fantastic. Soccer fans who missed it should try to catch a replay. Simply beautiful.

I did not catch the other 2 games, but I was quite glad to see that Germany had beaten Poland. I thought this new look Germany is quite good. And serves Poland right for dropping Dudek. Haha!

And in the last game of the night, Tunisia drew 2-2 with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia must have thought they have won the game when they scored to make it 2-1 at the 84th minute. But too bad their defence did not hold out till the end. Equalized at the last minute. Heartbreaking.

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