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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Everybody in Thailand is wearing yellow. Well, almost. Most of the shops have their uniforms changed to the yellow t-shirt. Most of the yellow t-shirts have the words "I Love the King" in Thai on it.

The Thais really love their king. How many people wear red to the national stadium? Anyway, I saw some of t-shirts being sold have the words in English. But when I went to enquire about it, they only left the big sizes. It's a waste. I thought the t-shirts are nice, but I don't want Thai words as I'll never wear it again. At least if it's in English, I won't mind wearing it in Singapore.

Anyway, I saw this cap selling in the streets at night, and bought it. I collect caps and I don't wear them, so it's alright. :P

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