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Saturday, June 17, 2006

No, I did not get to bed chicks. This is about football.

There are 3 games playing on Thursday night. The 1st game I did not have much interest in it. Ecuador vs Costa Rica. Ecuador won 3-0.

The 2nd game is England vs Trinidad and Tobago. I supported England, though I don't see them progressing very far. And T&T is not a bad team as well. I wanted to bet England win but the odds are a bit too hard, so I did not bet. England did not play well again. Owen is almost non-existent and Crouch missed a lot of chances. But at least he put himself in positions to take the shots in the 1st place.

Then came a master substitution from Sven Ericsson. David Beckham was playing on the right flank. He doesn't run to the bye line to cross. He prefers to cross early. The T&T defenders are getting used to defending against him and they did a good job. Then winger Aaron Lennon came in for right back Jamie Carragher. Beckham dropped to a more defensive position while Lennon took over the right flank. He is not afraid of taking the ball and running at defenders, running to the bye line and cross. Faced with totally different style of playing, the T&T defenders are starting to find their hands full trying to adapt. In the 83rd minute, a long pass to the right flank found Lennon. Instead of bringing the ball down and dribble, this time he head back to Beckham. Beckham now find himself with more space as he's in a deeper position. His marker is now on Lennon. He deliver his trademark dipping cross onto Crouch, who stood 18 cm taller than his marker and headed in. The goal sure came late, but better than never they say. Steven Gerrard then put the icing on the cake when he deliver a powerful long shot from outside the penalty box into the goal in injury time. Liverpool players to the rescue. :)

The last game, I bet on Sweden. I was on the edge of my seat the whole night. They are playing against Paraguay, and I thought Paraguay played better than Sweden. Luckily Sweden defence held. At the 86 minute, Sweden scored. And I am relieved.

Then last night, I bet on Argentina in the first game. They were playing Serbia and Montenegro. S&M have 1 man sent off, and Argentina won 6-0. Sweet.

Holland vs Ivory Coast is the 2nd game. I bet on Holland. Like the Sweden game, the opponent is playing better. In fact, I thought Ivory Coast is dominating the game. It's a wonder that Holland managed to find themselves 2-0 up by the 26th minute. Ivory Coast managed to put themselves back in the game at the 38th minute. From then, I am on the edge of my seat again, until full time. Fortunately, the score stay the same till the end.

I did not bet on the last game. Mexico vs Angola. Samwin bet on Mexico win. Luckily I did not follow him. It ended in a goalless draw.

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