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Monday, June 26, 2006

Last year, there's a chinese song singing competition in Singapore called Project Superstar. In the competition, there's a lady, called Jiaxin, who sang quite well. The judges gave her the 2nd highest score of the night. Unfortunately for her, the contest scoring system depends heavily on public voting. She must have scored quite low for that, for she was kicked out in the 1st round.

After the competition ended, I heard that she went on to join a Hong Kong singing competition and she came in 2nd. And recently, I was told that she was signed by a Hong Kong recording company. It's the same company that signed her favourite idol, Joey Yung. The company has pledged to put in the resources to make her into a big star.

All these would probably not have happened if she got voted into the next round of Project Superstar.

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