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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The results for the 4 games shown the 2 days have all gone bad for me. Home team Germany beat Argentina in the penalty shoot out after the game ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time. The Germans are really good with penalties. They had not lost in a penalty shoot out since don't know when. They scored all 4 of the penalties they took and their keeper managed to save 2 of the Argentinians. And out goes my favourite team of the tournament.

Then Italy beat Ukraine 3-0. No surprises there. Italy is the favourite. And they always get better as the tournament wore on. But for some unknown reason, I've not watched much of Italy's and the German's games for this world cup. Don't really feel attuned to them.

Then Portugal beat Enaland. In the penalty shoot out again, after the game ended 0-0 in extra time. England has not won a penalty shootout since don't know when. If I remember rightly, they lost to Portugal in their last penalty shootout. It's really a irony when England play badly, they got thru. When they played well, they were kicked out. The turning ppoint of the game was when Rooney was sent off. He was trying to hold on to the ball from 3 portugese players. There were a lot of bodies and Rooney got his legs between Carvalho's. I don't see anything wrong with that, but Carvalho started writhing on the ground grabbing his groin. Ronaldo came over to the referee to ask that he sent his Manchester United team mate off. Rooney, in a moment of pissedness, pushed his friend away and was awared a red card. From a referee that sent David Beckham off in a World Cup game 8 years ago for a similar offence. Dispite having 1 man less, England didn't really backed off. In fact they looked even more dangerous when Peter Crouch came on. He held the ball well and brought his team mates into play. Owen Hargreaves, who was booed by the England fans in a warm up game, played so well that they sing his praises this time. In the end, it was all to naught in the penalty shootout. England keeper, Paul Robinson, didn't make a single save though the Portugese players missed 2 shots. Lampard, the player with the most number of attempts at goal and yet have no goals to show for it, is the first taker. I imagine he must be really low on confidence when he took the kick. And he missed. Hargreaves then score his and Liverpool team mates Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher misses theirs. I thought Jamie Carragher is a really good player, but he had a very bad World Cup. He did not perform well in the games and he misses a penalty. Must be feeling very bad now.

And finally, Brazil lost 0-1 to France. I did not watch the game but I was hoping for Brazil to win. I guess it's not to be. My favourite teams have all been kicked out. The semi finals now don't hold much draw to me. And at an unearthly time of 3am, it look even less appealing.

Jul 5 03:00amGermany vs Italy@ Dortmund
Jul 6 03:00amPortugal vs France@ Munich

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