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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I managed to wake up in time to go meet Whye Es. This is the furthest I ever skate. I start at Parkway Parade and went all the way to Safra resort, and back. We stopped at the food center beside the lagoon. By then, my feet is feeling really sore. I don't know why it's so uncomfortable this time. It was ok the previous time. When it came time to go back to Macdonald's, I almost can't go back. I told Whye Es to go ahead and I'll make my way slowly. My right feet is feeling so sore that I can't stand with it, so I can only use it to propel me forward slowly. After awhile, it got better, and I can stand with it. This time, I realise the soreness is preventing me from landing too hard and I can't propel my self much with my right leg. I chose the shortest route back. I managed to crawl past the lagoon, where it got well enough for me to go at my top speed, which isn't much.

As I am picking up speed, a couple overtook me. I recognise them from earlier. The guy had problem skating. But now, he's skating well and can overtake me. I wanted to overtake them back and I realise I can't close down the distance. I only managed to maintain our distance amd not let it drift further. Grr.

After skating, I went home to bath, wash my soccer boots and clean my skating boots. After that it's back to the office for some work. I had to do something in the office from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and I am able to leave on time.

The next stop is Belle's place to celebrate Cyn's birthday. After the party, I was feeling very sleepy and I slept over at Belle's place. Save on midnight cab charges as well. :P

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