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Monday, August 21, 2006

I just saw Jolin's MTV for 1 of her newer songs, 假装.

In it, she was sitting on the back row of the bus. Another guy, whom she don't know, was sitting beside her. The bus got so many other empty seats, but the guy is sitting beside her. Smart.

Then the guy started dozing off, and his head dropped onto her shoulder. Later it dropped further to her lap. Bliss. If only I can get away with that in Singapore.

The next scene jumps to somewhere in the future. Jolin is sitting on the same seat in the bus alone. The guy boarded the bus with another girl, his girlfriend. Then they started showing flashbacks of Jolin having fun with the guy in the bus. In case your mind runs wild, it's clean fun. Apparently, they became a couple after that guy slept on her lap. Wow! Not only is she pissed off with the guy and pushed him away, they become a couple. And he's not even really handsome. Makes me feel hopeful for my future. Haha!

Anyway, the rest of the MTV show how they had a quarrel and break up, and hence the guy board the bus with a different girl. When they alight, you can see Jolin crying, having regretted her wilful decision back then.

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