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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I went to Suntec city for my hair cut, in support of the Children Cancer Foundation. There were a lot of people. They had at least 200 walk in shavees. Before that, they have about 600+ registered shavees. So it's at least 800 shavees total.

This is me with the hair, before the shave.

There goes my hair. The lady shaving me is from Kimage. All the shavers are from Kimage. I wondered if CCF paid for this. The rent in Suntec and all the shavers may not come cheap.

Half gone, half more to go.

No more hair. That's it. Hair gone. Next is to get more people to donate to CCF.

In case you are wondering, why CCF is doing this, I shall attempt to explain. First and foremost, it's a donation drive. Each shavee is given a donation card and we are supposed to go get people to donate to their cause. When people ask us why we are bald, we will whip out the donation card as the answer. :P

Second, cancer patient undergoing therapy will lose their hair. It should be more traumatic for kids. Thus having the children seeing so many of us with the same hairstyle as them should reassure them somewhat. This is also to create awareness among us to what the cancer patients are going through.

So now you know, you know what to do? :P
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