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Friday, July 28, 2006

I signed up for a motorbike course recently. So far, I've been pretty tied up and not being able to attend much lessons. I've attended only 1 theory lessons so far. I need to attend 4 theory lessons before I can take the theory evaluation test. I need to take the evaluation test before I can take the final test. I also need to clear a minimum of 5 practical bike lessons as well. After I cleared the 5 practical lessons and the final test, then I am able to apply for a provisional driving license so that I can hit the roads.

Yesterday is my 1st practical lesson. It was quite fun. The bike is heavier than I thought. The 1st part of the lesson is to get familiar with the bike. We were thought how to handle the bike. Then how to move slowly a short distance. I was quite bad on that. There were 5 of us. After awhile, 3 of us were deemed stable enough to be allowed to drive the bike around the mini circuit. I am not 1 of the 3. I have to practice a couple more times on moving the bike forward a short distance before being allowed to join them. While on the circuit, I had trouble controlling the bike. The throttle and the clutch and the brake is giving me all kinds of problem and my ride on the circuit is full of jerks. Luckily, after a few rounds and some tips from the instructor, I started to get the hang of it and my ride becomes smoother. I still have problem stopping though. At least, I managed to pass this 1st lesson.

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