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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I forgot to do something that is needed last night. So I went back to office yesterday evening to do it. A bit sad to go back to office on a Saturday night, but it turned out well. This is because not only did I finish what I wanted to do, I get to meet Fallen Singapore Idol, Emilee Kang.


Emilee Kang, the idol whom everyone says sounds like a getai singer. Not because she really sounds like one, but because 1 of the judges said it. I did not watch the 1st episode, I don't know who say it, but she told me the judge did not say she sounds like 1 back then. He (or is it a she?) say that she looks like a getai singer because of her dress, which is actually from Europe. Since Singapore fashion is that much slower from Europe, she probably wears it 1 year too early. I thought she sounds pretty decent.

I watched the following episode. When Dick Lee say that he still can't shake the impression of her as a getai singer, she rebutted that she do not think that she sounds like 1. That was when I thought that the Singapore Idols are so disrespectful of the judges. Having followed a number of the Chinese singing competition, the contestants always seem so respectful of the judges. Every comment the judges said were met with thank yous. Looking back, now I thought it's an understandable reaction. If I wear 1 of the newer release of Europe's fashion and was criticized for looking like a getai singer, I would react likewise I think. Anyway, Ken Lim later say that she sounds like a lounge singer because she thinks like 1, and she reply with a "I'll take note of it". Not so disrespectful after all.

I was watching last night's repeat telecast of Singapore Idol. Jasmine Tye, another contestant, was dressed in the Japanese fashion. Even I, who am not really into fashion, recognize it. Dick Lee the judge says that she looks like she came from a funeral parlor. I guess she wears it 1 year too early as well. I am not sure if wearing Jap theme to sing a jazz song is appropriate, but it's definitely not funeral parlor kind of wear.

Back to Emilee. I think she is an interesting and fun person to have around. Too bad that this is probably the one and only time I get to see her in person. She would make a good friend I think. I did not even take a picture with her. What a waste.

Her fan club site.

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